Keep it simple…

Danny Danko, High Times Magazine

Mike Hankes, HighDroGro

We started with the concept “keep it simple.” Innovate Grow Tents that are not only functional but also fit into your living environment Then put the tent into a box that also contains all the equipment needed to start growing. Call it an “All in one Box” grow tent kit (lights, filter, fans, timer, temp/humidity gauge, ducting etc). Use the best quality components at the lowest price possible. Offer them to them the new grower who wants to “enjoy the freedom to grow their own.”

With the Stash Box & Dream Box kits we accomplished our goal. And for the icing on the cake, High Times Magazine recognized us and awarded the Stash Box, “the best grow tent of 2018!”

Our company mission statement reads…at HighDroGro we are innovative, we are listeners, we are growers, and we are consumers. We are committed to serving the growing community with the highest quality grow tents and grow equipment. We understand we are here to provide you tools to improve growing experience. We will always strive to simply the process, improve the results and do it in a way you can afford.

So, not to rest on those laurels we move into our next step of our journey, which takes us down two paths…
…a refresh of our Stash Box and Dream Box Kits. Improvements include adding 9’ of height to each tent, taking them to 5’5” tall, while maintaining their same footprint (meaning they take up no more floor space than before), upgrading the light fixture from T5 to T8 and fluorescent bulbs to LED tubes, (the Stash box also increases from 4 to 6 tubes). Additionally, the new “2.0” kits will include a fitted SCOG net (to control garden height) and HighDroGro designed fabric grow bags.

…and now we begin to carve our space in the professional Grow Tent arena.

We take the confusion out of high performance gardening…”Embrace the freedom to grow your own” HighDroGro founder, Felix Alanis