Enjoy the freedom with your own grow tent.
HighDroGro, provides the first “All in one box” Hydroponics Home growing solution. A kit that provides you everything you need to have your own indoor garden, comfortably, anywhere in your home. Your living room, game room, man cave, spare room, walk in closet, you name it, the HighDroGro “all in One box” Grow tent kit, is designed to be indoors.
When it comes down to it, our HighDroGro kit is the means to an end. You get one when you want to grow and harvest your own plants. (See more) You want simple and easy, you want it to look good and you want it to produce consistent, predictable results. You don’t want to pay a ton of money for it
…that’s what we offer you” Felix Alanis

Putting it together as simple as 1-2-3!

Metallic is out, Textured White is in!
Eliminate Hot Spots with our Textured White Walls
Reflective materials like aluminum foil are often used in the grow room to make better use of indoor grow lights by reflecting more light back at your plants – but which reflective option is best?
It’s important for anyone who is growing indoors to maximize on the power of their grow lights. Indoor grow lights have gotten insanely bright over the years and this has enabled growers to provide their plants with an abundance of light. However, you can make your grow lights seem even brighter and more powerful without actually increasing the amount of electricity you use. Proper reflection of the walls near your plants, and a great hood/reflector will bounce the light from your indoor grow lights back at your plants instead of letting all the light that hits the sides be absorbed. In fact, proper reflection can get up to 30% more light to your plants!
This is all without changing anything else about your setup. No extra electricity, just 30% more light! As you probably know, light is what most plants use to make energy and light is what powers the growth of your flowers.
White absorbs a lot of heat without reflecting it back into the room (which would require more venting / cooling to keep heat down) and white walls are easier to clean since dirt or pests will show up visually. The textured white walls of the HIGHDROGRO tent offer proper dispersion to avoid “hot spots” to your plants. A silver or aluminum foil wall will directly reflect light (and hot spots) back to the plants potentially burning some of the flowers as well will reflect too much heat back causing you to have higher energy bills due to the need for more cooling.