The current tent market can be extremely challenging to navigate, as there are too many different options, exacerbated by the fact that individual accessories such as lights, filters etc. are plentiful and have countless options and price ranges as well.
When it comes down to it, our HighDroGro kit is the means to an end. You get one when you want to grow and harvest your own crops. You want simple and easy, you want it to look good and you want it to produce consistent predictable results. You don’t want to pay t ton of money for it…that what we offer you.
HighDroGro is a one stop shop tent solution, a beautiful, functional professional grade tent with kit inclusive of accessories and everything you need to start your garden growing journey and better yet – you’ll recover your total investment with the first harvest. In fact, we will even provide you a seed voucher redeemable for your first crop (Intended only to be exercised where permitted).

We take the confusion out of high performance gardening…Embrace the freedom to grow your own” CEO, Felix Alanis