What is the long plastic rod for? where does it go?

The rod helps to stablize the front door when opening and closing. There is a small slit for it at the inside bottom of each door. (you can see it at the 2 minute mark of this video

I am missing poles on my 4×4 / 5×5 tent

You are not likely missing any poles. Check your “A” poles. Do you have 8 of them? If so, you have all the poles. A and D are the same (because the tent is square).

I need help with assembly of my tent

For fastest response text us at 1-805-390-6776 or 1-781-424-7314


I have a damaged or missing part

Other missing D poles (see above) please click the “issues” button and leave a short description and we will get back with you very quickly.


Are your tents 100% light proof?

Our tents are designed and maunfactured to produce the most “light tight” product that we can. We are very sensitive to this target and believe we compete favorable with most of our competition. But that said, there is probably no such thing as a 100% light tight grow tent.


Why do you use White walls?

The overall efficiency improvement of the HDG white walls over reflective material is ~17%. The white walls, “defuse the light by refracting it in a lambertian pattern, creating a smooth light pattern over the canopy” ScynceLED


Do you ship internationally?

Sorry, so far, no.

HDG Team

How do I become an influencer

Currently, all of our influencers are customers who purchased our tents or kits and suppotrt them enough to credit us in photos and posts related to their grows. At this point we will continue to grow in that fashion. We definately encourage you to follow us on IG @officialhighdrogro and share your setups and progress. For Merch click here!